Saturday, May 21, 2011

DO Pilgrims of the Flying Temple Part 4

So now that I have transfered the image to the leather we need to score the leather. When you emboss leather it needs a place to go. By making a swallow cut around your image it will allow you to press the leather down, raising your image above the surface. Wetting the leather as you work will also make the leather more supple and prevent the leather from pulling or distorting.

So lets talk tools. For thick leather you often use a series of stamps and hammer your design into the leather.  Since this leather is very thin and the design is very detailed I use some simple tools with different beveled edges to shape the leather. There are many places on line that carry leather working tools but Tandy Leather has a wide range if you can't find them else where.

The front design is all image but the back design is going to be a letter written to the pilgrims of the flying temple. The letter I chose was written by an little girl from a very small planet, so I recruited my nieces to help. They wrote the letter and drew the picture and I transfered that to the leather.

The process for transferring text to the leather is the same as before  but instead of cutting around the image I cut the letters into the leather. I then used the embossing tools to press the letters into the leather.

Coming in part 5 adding a little color to your work...

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