Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DO Pilgrims of the Flying Temple Part 7

This should be the last post in this series so if you don't want to see the final product for some reason avoid this post.

The covers are embossed and stained. The holes have been drilled all that is left is to sew it all together. I am using a heavy twine for the binding because I liked how it contrasted with the shinny snake skin.

There are an endless number of stitching patterns you can use for a Japanese bindings, just do a Google search and you will find instructions and patterns for just about anything you may want to do. I did a fairly simple six hole stitch but did it in a away to leave about a two inch gap in the middle. You will see why a little further down. Because I am using a heavy twine the holes I drilled need to be fairly large because with this pattern The twine needed to pass through the hole three times.

Because the holes are large and I wanted to add some embellishments I used turquoise rivets to fill the holes. I also added a decoration in the gap made from a Chinese coin and a smaller turquoise rivet.
The final step is to add end papers. Daniel Solis, author of DO Pilgrims of the Flying Temple gave me access to a library of images. One included a page filed with various hand written "Pilgrims of the Flying Temple" phrases. I thought these would make excellent end sheets. Since this just a mock up I put them in temporarily to show you what the final output will look like. When this done for real the end papers will be glued in before the book is sewn together.

So here are the final shots of the completed book. Still working on my camera work so the color is a little off but I like the final product.

My final choices for the design were based on a few factors. As with all the RPG's I bind I try to incorporate ideas that reflect the nature of the game. DO is very whimsical and involves travel to strange worlds solving bizarre problem. The game is driven by letters written to the temple for help. I picked a story that is used to introduce people to the game. The story on the back was written by a 9 year old girls who needs help because her planet was eaten by a whale. I recruited my nieces to write the letter to ensure that the script did not look forced or fake. They also helped out with the drawing. The front cover is my idea of what the scene might have been before the whale swallowed the little girls planet.

I had fun with this project and blogging as I went along was something new for me. Origins is around the corner so will not be back to the blog for a little while but I would be interested in hearing some comments? Was this interesting to anyone besides me? Does anyone have any questions? See anything on my flicker page that you have questions about?

I am sure I will be doing more of these for future projects and I tweet when ever a make something new so follow me if you would like updates.

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  1. It's been great watching your process from start to finish. I just can't say enough good things! This is an amazing artifact. The envy of any game shelf. :)