Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deadlands Savage Worlds Custom Binding Part 1

Well it took some time to get back to the blog but I finally got back to the workbench. My new project is going to be a PDF print hand stitched half book of Savage World Deadlands. I have done this with other books, Hunter, and D&D 4th edition which I gave away as a raffle prize at my local convention. last year.

 A half book consists of Printing a normal 8.5x11 book on a half page. For Deadlands I printed 10 page booklets on light tan cotton fiber resume paper. I really liked the antique appearance the paper and B&W print gave to the subject matter. I use a duplexing laser printer using a booklet printing option. It is a quick way to put a PDF into a book format. It does leave a fair amount of space at the top and bottom of the page but this is mitigated a bit when we trim the book up.

In the next installment I will talk about punching and stitching it all together.

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